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We are exploring all aspects of supramolecular chemistry and materials science. In particular, we focus on the development of state-of-the-art smart molecules and materials capable of addressing fundamental and societal issues of energy and health.

​Our research is quite interdisciplinary and characterized by elaborately engineered molecules that tailor superb functions.  The design strategy makes use of basic knowledges of organic chemistry and macromolecular science that are occasionally combined with the ideas of physical chemistry including photochemistry and electrochemistry.  In many cases, lessons from biological phenomena are important.

​We are all enthusiastic.  Come and join us and enjoy emergence and serendipity.


Supramolecular Polymers for Innovation towards
a Sustainable Future and Beyond

AIDA Laboratory endeavors to conceive the science and technology of supramolecular polymerization. As in the history of conventional polymers, the research field of supramolecular polymers has progressed based on their "solution behaviors". However, to make a nonlinear jump towards a sustainable future, someone must take the helm and steer towards the "solid-state structures and properties" of supramolecular polymers. The change in target from solution properties to solid- state properties is not easy because many new physics and chemistries must be developed. However, this challenge deserves large-scale and long-term attention, because a significant replacement of commodity polymers with supramolecular polymers will surely cause a paradigm shift in the suppression of plastic pollution and represent a firm step toward a sustainable future and beyond.

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